Layette for a dog in a new home

The dream of having your own pet has just come true, but now you are confused because you want your puppy to lead a royal life, not a dog’s life. You browse blogs, consult on dog must-haves, and yet you still have many doubts and wonder what else the newly arrived baby needs? It’s normal. There is one “but” – what to choose when the market offers so many products and experts compete with each other in giving golden advice? We will deal with this in the inaugural entry, which is addressed to new dog owners.

Long-term investment

First of all, and most importantly: it is best to look for something from a higher shelf, something that will really meet the needs of your pet, and he will feel that you care about him, rewarding him with a wagging tail and happy barking. Therefore, it is worth reaching for the premium segment, which simply stands out for its quality. From food and bowls, through beds, leashes and collars, to a carrier, clothes and other practical dog accessories. Moreover, the products are handmade and the solutions used take into account care for the proper development of the baby. Layette gadgets dedicated to pets are distinguished by their original design and good and durable materials. It is also worth paying attention to quality and functionality marks such as “Pet Friendly” or “Easy Clean”. These may be small things, but they make a huge difference in everyday use and affect the well-being and comfort of the puppy learning about the world.

A place for the dog and a bedding

In this matter, we have two schools of thought – the first one allows the dog to stay with its owner without any restrictions, i.e. wherever a person is, i.e. sofas, armchairs and even a bed. The second one is in opposition to the above-mentioned one and recommends establishing clear boundaries between where a dog can and should not be. When choosing a school with discipline, you should find a safe and quiet place for the new “family member” that will allow him to properly acclimatize and socialize with other household members. Interestingly, it may be a good idea to be close to the balcony door – the dog will have access to natural light and a great observation point – it will get to know the area better and become familiar with the new surroundings.

The next step is to purchase a soft and comfortable bed where your pet will spend time, playing or resting. Just as a person loves his warm and comfortable bed, a dog wants to have his own bed where he feels good and safe. Fluffy poufs, mattresses and blankets are also non-obvious furniture for a dog, and they work very well. The surroundings of the bed are also a suitable place for a bowl of fresh water and a dog dining room with delicious food for puppies, although some guardians simply designate space in the kitchen for this purpose. Cleanliness training usually involves a traditional litter box or hygienic pads – although the best and most effective method is to accustom the dog to being taken outside when necessary. The sooner the better.

Let’s play! We’re having fun!

A puppy waiting at the feet of his master or mistress? In any case, young dogs love to play – no matter whether it is in a large house, a small apartment, a garden or on a run. In other words, they are everywhere. Play is an important sphere of life of every animal, especially when it is a puppy. Races, jumping and dog tag are quite a challenge for other household members, because it is difficult to catch up with a small dog. To make this time even more pleasant, it is worth supplementing the layette with toys for the dog. These include: teethers, cubes, balls and even educational sets that will absorb the child’s attention for a long time. Toys are great entertainment and develop the dog’s intelligence. New stimuli and finding a way, e.g. to release and crunch a treat, will allow the puppy to show inventiveness and ingenuity, and will also help in possible training or learning basic commands.

Even though puppies love to play, they also get tired quickly. Therefore, you should not overdo it with activity, e.g. long-distance running, because it may negatively affect the developing and still delicate systems – circulatory and bone. Everything with limit. And if the dog is tired of frolicking, he will be happy to look for a place to rest. As part of the layette, you can provide him with a relaxation zone, i.e. a relaxation pouf or a special insert for the bed, ensuring pleasant relaxation and regeneration after exercise. These are accessories that, next to a sleeping bed, will become one of the dog’s favorite refuges.

We’re going for a walk – practical and fashionable

Going for a walk for the first time is a great experience for both the baby and his owner. As a result, the absolute must-have equipment in the layette is a leash with the owner’s telephone number, a collar or harness, depending on the breed and anatomical structure of the pet. However, before the puppy can proudly present itself on the street, you must first spend time familiarizing it with new things. Sometimes putting them on can be difficult, but if you manage to do it, it is worth gradually getting your pet used to walking on a leash. Initially at home or in the garden, and when we gain mutual confidence and trust, it’s time to go outside.

If the harness does not impress the puppy and he has mastered free walking to perfection, you can try to put on dog jewelry, such as bracelets and pendants, as well as stylish accessories in the form of scarves, bandanas or jackets, especially at negative temperatures outside. The expressive colors of the pet’s clothes and the style will certainly attract the attention of many walkers and even other dogs. Soft materials, in turn, will prove to be comfortable for the pet, who after some time will look for his own outfit when he sees that we are going for a walk.


A new home, new people, and maybe even new, unknown animals, along with leaving its mother and siblings, is a huge stress for the puppy. Therefore, it is worth taking care of not only its mental needs in a new place, but also a complete layette that will make it easier for your little one to acclimatize. Knowing that small dogs tend to explore the world with their teeth and claws, it is worth purchasing premium products that are distinguished by their quality of workmanship and overall durability. In addition, they have an inviting appearance, are functional and provide your puppy with exceptional comfort of use. Just in time for a “new” way of life.